Date of Birth: 10-6-98
Birth Wt.             89 lb.
Weaning Wt.     877 lb.
Yearling Wt.   1,350 lb.
Frame Score        7
Scrotal                38cm
Heart Girth        80 in.
Topline               72 in.  


Woodring Pol Frank

Sire   Ricco Dam   Miss Caroline 630F
New Outcross Polled Braunvieh Genetics


Selling Semen Interests in this outstanding young Herd Sire

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Bonina, Inc., Wash.......Collier & Kori Nolte, TX......McBee Cattle Co /Franken Farm, MO......Pella Farms Inc., NE.......Rock Creek Braunvieh, NE......Stagg Cattle Co, TX



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